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Online learning modules for EOTC Management

Self paced on-line learning modules for EOTC (SPLMS)

Professional learning development  for EOTC is available as as a series of on-line self-paced learning modules (SPLMS). The modules are based on the Ministry of Education (2009) EOTC Guidelines, Bringing the Curriculum Alive.

The following modules can be completed at the time and pace that suits each individual, at no cost. They are suitable for  teachers, leaders of EOTC, Sport and EOTC coordinators, School Leaders,  Board of Trustees and are also accessible to any EOTC provider working with schools.

The Modules:

  1. Bringing the Curriculum Alive

  2. Maori World View

  3. Learning Safely: A Shared Responsibility

  4. Planning

  5. Staffing and Supervision

  6. Contractors Volunteers and Parents

  7. Legal Responsibilities

  8. Emergency Preparedness

  9. Deities and Guardians

The first 8 modules follow relevant chapters in the EOTC Guidelines. Click on the Guidelines coverpage below to go to down-loadable copies of the document.

Guidelines front coverSM


To access the modules go to

Click the Log-in button, even if you don't have your details.

Enter your Training Services LMS user-name and password if you know it.

Alternatively, to receive a user-name and password email the Training Services team at

Note: Anyone can enter the site as a guest, however, if you want to access the SPLMs in order to be eligible to receive the subsidy currently available for  the National Certificate in Recreation and Sport (EOTC) qualification you must register and enter the site using your user name and password.

Once in the site proper:

  1. Select ‘Browse Training’ on the left hand side bar

  2. Find 'Self paced Modules'

  3. Select the EOTC package

  4. Click on any of the modules to begin

See the  Education Gazette article about SPLMS.     Click here




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