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EOTC Management


Underpinning documents, guidelines, resources, links and readings supporting good practice EOTC management


  1. Ministry of Education

  2. EOTC Safety Management Plan (SMP) Template and Tools

  3. Other Agencies and Supporting Links

    NZ Police
    NZ Transport Agency
    Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Vulnerable Children
    Department of Conservation
    NZ Walking Access Commission
    NZ Mountain Safety Council

  4. Audit Tools

  5. Readings /other

  6. Qualifications

  7. EOTC PLD resources (2017 workshops)



1.   Ministry of Education

  • Payments by Parents of Students in State and State-integrated Schools Circular 2013/06  
Summary flowchart (November 2016)  PDF link
Safety checking workers and child protection policy for schools and kura direct link 
What checks do I need to undertake for adults coming into my school or kura? direct link


2.   EOTC SMP Template

This template and its tools compile a framework for EOTC management that sits under a school-wide health and safety management system and alongside safety management plans for other areas within the school.The template tools used are the same updated forms as in the Tool Box of the EOTC Guidelines 2016, Bringing the Curriculum Alive update of 1 July 2017. 


  • EOTC SMP template, go to Appendix 5 of the EOTC Guidelines 2016 Bringing the Curriculum Alive on Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI).  
  • Template and all supporting tools, go to Appendix 4

Note: Schools should be comparing any forms they currently use with the new forms in the Guidelines Tool Kit as part of an ongoing review, regardless of whether they plan to use the EOTC SMP template.
To support review, make use of the Forms Comparison Table, downloadable here and also found in Appendix 4. 



  • Template tools and forms in Google Docs format have been developed for schools using Google Docs. Full details and links are provided here. 

Acknowledgement: This EOTC SMP template and tools were created, modified, and combined by a project team led by EONZ (Fiona McDonald), with New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (Jo Parsons), Horizons Unlimited (Mark Smith), Perry Outdoor Education Trust (Gemma Periam), Roncalli College (Guy Sutherland), and Papanui High School (Phil Washbourn).


3.   Other agencies and supporting links

  • NZ Police Updated Vetting Service Request and Consent Form and a new Guide to completing the Consent Form (Covers Police vetting considerations in relation to employment, contractors, children's workers, parents, volunteers)
  • NZ Transport Agency Worktime and logbook requirements for commercial drivers. See information on driver hours and length of drivers working day and NZTA reference in EOTC Guidelines 2016, P39, Para 149.
Child protection policies direct link
Children’s worker safety checking under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 direct link

See the 29 Get Outdoors - Planning Essentials short clip video  series, accessible on UTube:


Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs)  direct link
Table of sources of written good practice information (Current at April 2016) direct link

Other sources of good practice information direct link

4.   Audit Tools

  • OutdoorsMark EOTC and Outdoor Education Audit Form This is an audit tool that has been made freely available to schools for self-audit. The form supports an external audit called OutdoorsMark EOTC/ Outdoor Education. More information can be found at the dedicated Skills Active Aotearoa website  Use the top right download tab in Dropbox where the form is housed to select a download option onto your computer. This Dropbox link will always take users to the most updated version. Taking it from there will ensure you are using the most updated version.

5.   Readings/other

  • Whole school approaches to EOTC (Adapted from Physical Activity Guidelines for healthy confident kids, years 1 to 13, MOE, 2007) - PDF  diagram
  • Staffing and Supervision Adapted from an original article called Let's no longer talk Ratios, G Periam Out and About Summer 2006/7 
  • Incident Reviews - aspects of good practice (from OUT and ABOUT, 2009)
Severity Scale information - link


6.   Qualifications




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