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1.  EOTC Management PLD

Target group: teachers across primary and secondary sectors. Two PLD options will be available nationwide from Term 2, 2019. Make sure to carefully consider which option is best suited you and your staff. Contact EONZ if you are uncertain.  

EOTC & Effective Safety Management Systems

Essential 2-day PLD for schools seeking to understand and implement good practice processes in EOTC. 

Embedding Good Practice Systems for EOTC

1-day PLD for experienced staff in schools with good current systems in place. 

Leave your details here to receive direct notification once the PLD is calendared early in Term 1.

 2.  Pedagogy and Curriculum PLD 

Revisioning School Camps  - Networks of Expertise (2018-2020)

PLD that uses a model of Teacher as Inquiry to re-envisage and actualise school camps. Ongoing support over a 12 month period is provided. Target group: teachers across the primary and secondary sector. 

3.  PLD  for providers and external agencies working with schools

 Workshops are available for external providers of EOTC to schools, such as those who run Camps and activities away from the classroom across the spectrum of learning areas. This includes sport.