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EOTC SMP template tools & forms as Google Docs


The EOTC SMP template tools have been formatted into Google Docs for the benefit of schools that use the Google platform. 

You need three sets of material as follows:

1.     The EOTC SMP Template

Download the EOTC Safety Management Plan (SMP) template.

2.     The Tools (there are 18 assorted forms)

The GOOGLE DOCS VERSION of the template tools are linked here.

i.   You will need to copy each separate document to your Google Drive.
ii.   Make sure you are in the Google Account you wish to copy into before starting.
iii.   Right-click the Doc to copy, then select copy from the drop-down menu.

Each Doc will save to your default Google Docs page. You then become the owner and can share with your school.

Note: If the EOTC Coordinator is the ‘owner' of the docs, they can

share within the staff. The EOTC Coordinator can also control the settings so that each time a staff member completes a form they will be notified and will be able to comment on it, thus recording a dialogue.


3.     The 4 template tools formatted as Google Forms

Google Forms have been set up for template tools 4, 9, 15, and 17. 

Follow the instructions below to make a copy. You can then send them out to parents etc. and all data will go into a spreadsheet.

It is VERY important to follow the instructions on copying before doing any editing or sharing. If you don’t you will be editing the original documents.

1. For each of the forms open the link.

2. Click on the box at the top right of the page that opens (has a pencil shape in the box). If the page doesn’t have the box with the pencil go straight to step #3 below.

3. On the next page that comes up, click on the 3 little dots (the ‘More' button at the top right of the page beside the 'SEND’ button).

4.   Select ‘Make a copy’ and save each of the following:

EOTC Volunteer Information and Agreement

EOTC Parental Consent

EOTC Event Review

EOTC Incident Report

 Acknowledgement: This EOTC SMP template and tools were created, modified, and combined by a project team led by EONZ (Fiona McDonald), with New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (Jo Parsons), Horizons Unlimited (Mark Smith), Perry Outdoor Education Trust (Gemma Periam), Roncalli College (Guy Sutherland), and Papanui High School (Phil Washbourn).


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