Direct line to EOTC management support now available

6 March 2019

A dedicated support pathway is now in place for EOTC management queries.This support is part of the National EOTC Coordinator Database initi...

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Renewed funding for EONZ kaiārahi

2 December 2018

Ongoing availability of dedicated teaching and learning support for EOTC has been secured. This is great news for all teachers involved in E...

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“The whole of the 2 days was such a valuable learning experience…listening and sharing with colleagues, hearing what went well, becoming aware of the pitfalls.” “….we were allowed to ask questions and the hard answers were not avoided.” “The importance of learning and that it goes hand in hand with EOTC management. Asking WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? every time we walk out the door. Connection to the curriculum critical.”

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